Arjei Franklin: Calgary Stampeders  2:16
Meet Arjei Franklin. Arjei is a slotback for the Calgary Stampeders, a family man and during this fantasy camp, part of team BC Lions - But rest assured, this is the only time he will be part of the orange and white.
George Hudson: Saskatchewan Roughriders  1:47
Meet George Hudson - O Lineman for Rider Nation. He\'s a competitive guy who\'s easy to relate to - regular guy who was inspired by his father to work hard at everything in life.
Kyle Koch: Edmonton Eskimos  1:44
Meet Eskimo Guard Kyle Koch. Kyle is a care free and easy going guy who is passionate about what he does and who likes to go with the flow and have lots of fun!
Rolly Lumbala: BC Lions  1:31
Meet BC Lions Fullback Rolly Lumbala - a dedicated player who wants to be the best at his position. Rolly played all kinds of different sports growing up, which fuelled his passion for competition.
Juwan Simpson: Calgary Stampeders  2:32
Meet Calgary Stampeders linebacker Juwan Simpson. Number 12 is a fun guy, who likes to work hard and play hard. With strong support from his family, Juwan has become one of the league\'s leading linebackers.
Lance Frasier: Saskatchewan Roughriders  2:48
Meet Rider Safety Lance Frasier. Lance loves the Fantasy Camp concept and is looking forward to being involved for many years to come. He had a brief stint in the NFL and now is a committed member of the green and white.
Patrick Kabongo: Edmonton Eskimos (now BC Lions)  2:32
Meet Patrick Kabongo - Guard for the BC Lions. At the 2012 Fantasy Camp, Patrick was still a member of the green and gold, but now he\'s chasing a Grey Cup dream with the BC Lions.
Keon Raymond: Calgary Stampeders  2:08
Meet Calgary Stampeders Defensive Back Keon Raymond. A humble guy who has enjoyed his whole journey through professional football. He\'s a smaller guy, but the size of his heart is second to none.
Chris Cvetkovic: Winnipeg Blue Bombers  2:16
Meet Blue Bomber Long Snapper Chris Cvetkovic. An 11 year veteran at his position and a colourful guy who takes a lot of pride in what he does and works hard at it.
Etienne Boulay: Montreal Allouettes  2:16
Meet Etienne Boulay - Montreal Safety. Etienne is first and foremost a father and a husband who is driven to be the best and to compete against the best through hard work and dedication to his position.
Henry Burris: Hamilton Tiger Cats  3:36
Meet Ticat Quarterback Henry Burris. Henry is a dedicated husband and father committed first and foremost to his family. He is excited about his new opportunity and is looking forward to leading Hamilton to new heights.
Wes Lysack: Toronto Argonauts  2:32
Meet Toronto Argonaut Defensive Back Wes Lysack. He\'s a guy who grew up watching the CFL as a huge fan and now he considers himself extremely fortunate to have played the game he loves for the past 9 years.
Doug Brown: Winnipeg Blue Bombers  1:38
Meet Doug Brown - former Defensive Tackle and proud members of the famed swaggerville defence in Winnipeg.
Josh Bourke: Montreal Allouettes  2:00
Meet Montreal Allouettes Tackle Josh Bourke. Off the field, he is a laid back who likes fishing, cooking and art, while on the field he is a little more flamboyant and likes to talk a little smack here and there - all in good fun of course.
Kerry Carter: Montreal Allouettes  2:32
Meet Kerry Carter - Montreal Fullback. Kerry was born and raised in Trinidad. He\'s a driven and goal oriented person who believes in family first and who always strives to be the best.
Marwan Hage: Hamilton Tiger Cats  2:20
Meet Hamilton Centre Marwan Hage. A mainstay Ticat player who loves the opportunity to connect with all of the fans at the Fantasy Camp.
Ray Mariuz: Hamilton Tiger Cats  1:41
Meet Hamilton Linebacker Ray Mariuz. Ray likes to have a lot of fun and has a positive attitude. Like so many other players, Ray hopes to have a crack at the Grey Cup sometime during his CFL career.
Rob Murphy: Toronto Argonauts  1:40
Meet Rob Murphy - Tackle for the Toronto Argonauts. Influenced heavily by his father, Rob is a true CFL character and personality who likes to compete and be intense.
Scott Flory: Montreal Allouettes  1:58
Meet Montreal Guard Scott Flory. Scott thinks the Fantasy Camp is a great opportunity for players and fans to hang together. He takes great pride in the fact that the CFL is one of the most fan accessible leagues in the world.
Welcome to the 2012 Fantasy Camp!  :40
Welcome to the 2012 CFLPA Fantasy Camp, where you can relax and compete with your favorite CFL Players at the Turtle Beach Resort on the beautiful island of Barbados!
Golf Event  5:42
Golf like you\'ve never seen it. Watch as some of your favorite CFL Players pair up with passionate fans to take on a short 4-hole course and signature par 3 at the beautiful and scenic Barbados Golf Club.
Obstacle Course: BC vs. Winnipeg  4:30
Obstacle Course - Round One! Watch as BC vs. Winnipeg in a rematch of the 2011 Grey Cup. This time, they\'re attacking a 400m course at the Barbados National Defence Force!
Obstacle Course: Montreal vs. Saskatchewan  4:52
Obstacle Course - Round Two! Saskatchewan vs. Montreal has become quite a rivalry recently. the two rivals reaquaint as they take on the 400m course at the Barbados National Defence Force!
Obstacle Course: Calgary vs. Edmonton  5:24
Obstacle Course - Round Three - The Battle of Alberta! Calgary vs. Edmonton, what more do we have to say. Watch as the two teams battle the 400m course at the Barbados National Defence Force!
Obstacle Course: Toronto vs. Hamilton  4:13
Obstacle Course - Round Four - the battle of Ontario! Toronto and Hamilton preview a season sure to be filled with intensity as they hit the 400m course at the Barbados National Defence Force head on!
Dodgeball Event  4:17
Duck, dip, dodge, dive...and dodge again! No, this game doesn\'t feature Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, but it does showcase the dodgeball skills of your favorite CFLP players, as they team up with fans from across the league.
Limbo Event  6:28
It\'s not just going low, it\'s going low with style. Check out CFL players and fans as they try and navigate under a limbo bar on the beach at the beautiful Turtle Beach Resort, in Barbados.
Football Scramble Event  7:12
What\'s the CFLPA Fantasy Camp without a little football? Watch as marquee CFL players and fans team up in a relay event that combines the beach, the ocean and of!
Tug of War Event  5:22
Player vs. Player. East vs. West. Fan vs. Fan. The tug-of-war has it all. Check out the tug-of-war event on the beautiful beach at the Turtle Beach Resort, in Barbados.
Our Winners!  1:18
And the winner is...Click here to see who won the inaugural Fantasy Camp! The winners receive a free trip back to the 2013 Fantasy Camp. Don\'t miss your chance to relax and compete at the 2013 event!
BC Fan Interview  1:03
See what the fans from BC had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Calgary Fan Interview  1:33
See what the fans from Calgary had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Edmonton Fan Interview  1:29
See what the fans from Edmonton had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Saskatchewan Fan Interview  1:54
See what the fans from Riderville had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Winnipeg Fan Interview  1:41
See what the Bomber fans had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Toronto Fan Interview  1:20
See what the players from Toronto had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Montreal Fan Interviews  1:11
See what the fans from Montreal had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!
Hamilton Fan Interview  1:47
See what the fans from Hamilton had to say about the 2012 Fantasy Camp. We hope to see you in 2013!